Meet the SMSS Team




DeVone Holt is the lead host of the Saturday Morning Solutions Show.  His background as a journalist, deejay and author fuel him in his role as writer and senior producer of one of the nation’s most entertaining urban radio shows.


The number one problem...

DeVone Holt is a multi-talented leader in urban strategies who combines more than 25 years of experience as a workforce and economic development specialist, public education administrator, public relations agent and media personality to make positive contributions that improve inner cities around the country.

As a workforce development professional, DeVone helps develop communication and operational strategies that support approximately 1 million Americans every year who utilize job corps and career centers throughout the nation.

In his role as an economic development director, he managed the inner city business expansion and attraction projects for the city of Louisville, Kentucky for nearly a decade before founding the Urban Insight Agency, which served as a business consulting firm that helped companies maximize their investments in urban markets. His work helped create approximately $400 million in new business investments and more than 1,000 new jobs in inner cities.

In 2003, DeVone’s best-selling book Hip Hop Slop: The Impact of a Dysfunctional Culture was published and led him to the lecture circuit where he worked to restore order to the troubled hip-hop community. Since then, the book has become the subject of a national debate and has been deemed required reading for college students around the country.

After graduating from Eastern Kentucky University with degrees in Journalism and English, DeVone began his career in public relations working with one of the nation’s leading public universities and a Fortune 500 logistics company. He later assumed subsequent public relations roles that exposed him to the inner workings of collegiate athletics, the NBA, corporate America and the entertainment industry.

During the last two decades, DeVone’s volunteer service and affiliations have supported Simmons College of Kentucky, Black Achievers, 100 Black Men of America, Red Cross, The Urban League, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and St. Stephen Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

DeVone lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his son Aaron.


Gail Strange is the beloved “ever-fabulous” member of the Saturday Morning Solutions team. Her decades of executive-level leadership, community-relations efforts and volunteer service provide a unique perspective to the issues discussed on the show.

As the only female on the Saturday Morning Solutions Team, Gail often serves as the voice of reason in times when only a women’s perspective will do.


Gail Logan Strange is an experienced corporate executive and non-profit leader who uses her communications background and leadership skills to help build profits, raise funds and build name recognition for some of the most recognizable brands in America.

For more than 20 years, Gail worked in the tobacco industry where she implemented the community relations efforts of the nation’s third largest tobacco corporation. Gail’s work gave her special access to the nation’s leading civil rights organizations and non-profit leaders who relied on her to build bridges between corporate America and prominent grassroots efforts.

As a community advocate, Gail has served as the Executive Director of the Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council – a non-profit organization that inspires and facilitates the community service ambitions of young leaders. She also led the board of directors for Youth Alive, which was an organization dedicated to making positive changes in the lives of at-risk youths and the Nashville Urban League.

In 2001, Gail was named the Distinguished American by Dollar and Sense Magazine and received the Lifetime Service Award for Tenured Corporate and Community Partnership Development from the Milwaukee Community Journal Newspaper.

Gail Strange is a graduate from Kentucky State University where she earned a B.S. in Health and Physical Education and Webster University where she received her MA in Business Management and Human Relations.

Every weekend, Gail serves as co-host of the Saturday Morning Solutions Show, where she uses her experience and passion to provide solutions to the problems that impact urban communities.

Gail lives in Louisville Kentucky.

clayRev. Clay Calloway is a walking encyclopedia who uses his wealth of knowledge to enlighten SMSS listeners about issues like civil rights history, music, politics and religion. Despite being the religious authority on the team, he rarely misses an opportunity to serve as comic relief throughout the show. His expertise and quick wit are signature qualities that help keep the Saturday Morning Solutions Show lively.


Rev. Clay Calloway is a passionate community activist and associate pastor at St. Stephen Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

As a retired utilities project manager, Rev. Calloway now uses much of his time to advocate for causes that advance inner city communities.

After serving as a President of the Interdenominational Ministerial Coalition (IMC) in Louisville for 15 years, Rev. Calloway founded the West Louisville Ministers Coalition, which is a collection of ministers and pastors in Louisville’s inner city that serve as champions for economic justice

His previous advocacy work helped give birth to No Murders Metro, a popular anti-violence initiative designed to curb an accelerated murder rate in Louisville.

As a volunteer, Rev. Calloway served as the first Chair of the Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission Advocacy Board, as a member of the United States Selective Service board and is a regular panelist on the Moral Side of the News Show on WHAS-11 television.

He also is a former president of the St. Stephen Economic Development Corporation (STEDCO).

Rev. Calloway earned a B.S. degree in industrial education from Kentucky State University and has pursued graduate studies at the University of Cincinnati, Univ. of Louisville and Spalding University. He was licensed to preach in 1987 and ordained in 1995 under Dr. Kevin W. Cosby.

Every weekend, Rev. Calloway serves as co-host of the Saturday Morning Solutions Show where he advances his agenda for improvement in urban communities.

Rev. Calloway lives in Louisville, Kentucky.