How Safe Are America’s Educators in the Workplace?

School Violence


Violence seems to be growing more prevalent in many of our communities. Unfortunately, violent acts in some neighborhoods have a growing tendency to follow some young people to the schools they attend.

To assess how much violence actually occurs in America’s schools, the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released a research article that gauged how safe educators are in the workplace. 

The study reveals the events and sources most likely to contribute to reasons educators might be hurt or killed on the job. 

According to the BLS, the leading cause of fatalities among educators from 2011 through 2014 was transportation incidents. Violent events within the schools was the second leading cause of death for educators during that same time. 

Fatal Occupational Injuries graphic

More specifically, pre-K-12 teachers accounted for 36 percent of all fatally injured educators. 

Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the full report.

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