OPINION: 10 Really Good Reasons to Vote for Hillary Clinton


Listeners of the Saturday Morning Solutions Show will remember that several months ago co-host, Rev. Clay Calloway, was a vocal supporter of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders in his bid to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for president.

Now that Sanders has ended his campaign after a close, contentious loss to Hillary Clinton, Calloway is turning his support to the first woman to earn the presidential nomination of a major political party and these are his 10 reasons why:



Hillary Clinton at the 2016 Democratic National Convention finally acknowledged the reality of “Systemic Racism”.  This is an unprecedented statement for an American Presidential candidate.  Barack Obama could not make that statement, because he had to pay the unspoken “price of the ticket” to the White House.  Not so for Hillary. She can be challenged on race issues in ways President Obama could not.


The Bernie Sanders Effect! Hillary was forced to incorporate key elements of Bernie’s agenda into her platform. Bernie Sanders promoted Democratic Socialism, which included equal distribution of wealth and revolutionizing the unjust criminal justice system that disproportionately victimizes African American males.


The Hillary Clinton of 1990 is not the same as the Hillary Clinton of 2016.  Malcolm X changed.  Muhammad Ali changed. The Democratic demographic has changed, which in part forced Hillary to change.


Trump, during his political campaign has voiced the most blatant bigoted and racist rhetoric since Strom Thurman in 1948.


Hillary, if elected in 2016, will likely appoint two – possibly four – Supreme Court Justices during her term. Remember Clarence Thomas who was appointed in 1991 by President G.H.W. Bush?


African Americans must vote because of the blood sacrifices paid to secure that right. For African Americans, voting is not only a sacred right but a sacred duty.


The goal of democracy is the pursuit of a more perfect Union. Democracy is continual pursuit toward perfection. Hillary’s candidacy in junction with the election of President Obama is a historic step forward toward perfecting democracy.


There is no such thing as a non-flawed candidate. Hillary is flawed and so was Barack Obama, yet he was undeniably the best candidate in 2008. So in 2016 I’m with Her!


A no-vote for Hillary Clinton is a yes-vote for Donald Trump.


Hillary’s election sends a positive message to women and our Black daughters. No glass ceiling! As George Clinton said (no relation) “the roof is on fire, let it burn”. Shirley Chisolm said in her 1972 presidential bid that gender was a much harder hurdle to overcome than race. She fought gender on both sides. Because of Hillary’s 2016 candidacy, my daughter Mary and granddaughter Phoenix one day may run for President.


Clay on the mic


Rev. Clay Calloway is co-host of the Saturday Morning Solutions Show and a regular panelist on the Moral Side of the News Show on WHAS-11 television.  You can listen to him every Saturday at 11m – noon (EST) on 104.7FM in Louisville or on WLOU on the Tunein app.


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