Louisville Pastor Likely to Influence Messaging at Democratic National Convention

Hillary Clinton & Kevin Cosby


LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – After attending a racial reconciliation worship service at St. Stephen Church in Louisville, U.S. presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, was so enamored with the experience that she  continues to reach out to pastor Kevin W. Cosby for advice.

“She was so impressed by what she saw when she visited our church that she has called me three times in the last six weeks to determine if our racial reconciliation strategy is one that can be replicated nationally,” said Cosby.

In mid-May, Clinton was campaigning in Louisville prior to Kentucky’s primary election where she was in a neck-to-neck battle for votes with former candidate Bernie Sanders.  While campaigning in Louisville, Clinton coincidentally visited St. Stephen Church during a Sunday worship service that had long-since been planned for the primarily African-American church to host Broadway Baptist Church – a primarily White church – in an attempt to build empathy among congregation members by exposing them to new cultural experiences.

The worship service, which resulted in Broadway Baptist Church closing its suburban church that Sunday and bringing its congregation to the inner-city campus of St. Stephen Church, featured a blended version of choirs from both churches as well as a joint sermon preached by Cosby – who is African-American – and Chris Caldwell – who is the White pastor of Broadway Baptist Church.

“I sat there with my heart just brimming over thinking about this is what we need more of in America.  Where we are listening to each other.  Talking to each other. Respecting each other,” said Clinton in a campaign advertisement after attending the worship service.

Cosby and Caldwell developed the idea of the combined worship service as a result of participating in Empower West – a coalition of interdenominational faith-based leaders who have been voluntarily gathering in Louisville weekly for more than a year with the purpose of heightening the awareness of racial divisive practices that stifle the city’s primarily African-American western neighborhoods and developing a strategy for churches to undo them.

“She’s very intrigued with our Empower West model,” said Cosby of Clinton.  “I was able to share with her how we are able to bring people of different denominations and races together to work for the common good.”

Hear Cosby explain how Clinton is seeking out advice from him about how to replicate the Empower West model nationally in his interview below on the Saturday Morning Solutions Show:


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