OPINION: Podcaster Asks ‘How Long Can You Push Someone Before They Finally Push Back?’

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OPINION – When African Americans began shooting police officers in what appear to be retaliatory actions for the black men who were killed at the hands of police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota, many people were shocked.

Mark Gunn wasn’t.

In his recent GunnShots Str8 from the Hip podcast, Gunn asks, “How long can you push someone before they finally push back?”

Gunn, like many other African Americans, predicted it was only a matter of time before the people who felt they were too often unfairly brutalized and killed at the hands of police officers and have very rarely found justice afterwards would eventually seek justice for themselves.

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“When you fight a daily battle against racism and all of its forms – and you see black men being murdered with no punishment for the cops that did it – and you’re constantly having to prove to whites that your experiences are indeed real, it leads to a kind of battle fatigue,” he said.

“This fatigue can manifest itself in……acting out on a built up rage against the white power structure you feel caused it in the first place.”

Although Gunn claims to understand the rage that caused the vigilante-style attacks on police, he doesn’t condone it.

In fact, “communities of color have responsibilities too,” he says.  “There are some really good officers that you come in contact with everyday. They’ve earned our respect and it’s irresponsible of us to lump them in with the rotten apples of the bunch.”

He warns, however, “As long as [police] departments across this country continue to turn a blind eye to the murderers among them, this [more attacks on police] is going to happen.”

Listen to Mark Gunn’s “America Are We There Yet” podcast below: