OPINION: Despite NP Award, SMSS Listener Says Pence Is Perfect for Trump Campaign

Mike Pence


SMSS CONTRIBUTOR – As I often do, I enjoyed listening to the Saturday Morning Solutions Show this past Saturday.

It is a great talk and information program hosted by DeVone Holt, Rev. Clay Calloway and “The Ever-Fabulous” Ms. Gail Strange.

I suppose my favorite feature on the show is the “Negro Please Award.”

Awarding people who do things that seem senseless, dumb or hypocritical a big ‘ole “Negro Please” is usually more humorous than insulting.

Well one of the recipients today was Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for accepting the job as running mate to Donald Trump.  To the Saturday Morning Solutions crew it made absolutely no sense.

Pence was a shoe-in for reelection in November after being an extremely successful chief executive. He traded virtually assured success for possibly, in many opinions, sure political suicide.

Makes no sense!

Well maybe it does – to a conservative mind.

James "Rick" Howland

The Office of Management and Business, the media and the Obama administration all claim the Great Recession ended during the summer of 2009 but we have lived and struggled through the most anemic economic recovery in history – other than the Great Depression.

The reason?

In my mind, the mismanagement of the economic environment necessary to allow private investment and growth is the problem. Over taxation and over regulation doesn’t allow the planting of seed investment or the proper nurturing to bring forth the fruit of jobs and prosperity.

As governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, through these doldrums, has not just recruited business investment to the state, but lead the state in creating a better environment for business and jobs than in most other states.

As a result, while other states like Illinois, Missouri and Michigan flounder, Indiana does more than holds it’s own. It prospers.

That’s why Trump wants Pence. But why would Pence accept the offer to be his vice president?

I think it’s because the Dude – as most conservatives do – realize recessions occur about every seven years. We’re due for another now and the nation hasn’t even recovered from the last one.

I was hoping Pence would stay home and protect Indiana. However, as an American who wants our country as a whole to survive and prosper, I realize some things need to be reversed within our government to allow our citizens to be free to invest, hire and prosper.

The last couple of days Pence has showed me something.  Courage.

I think it’s personal for him realizing he has developed “a particular set of skills” necessary to rejuvenate our economy in spite of the fact another recession is due.

As a Christian, the question Mordechai posed to Esther may be ringing in his ears, “who knows, for such a time as this you’ve come to the kingdom”.

So I think he’s been confronted with the need to express personal courage by literally risking his and his family’s future in order to serve his country in a time of need.

James F. “Rick” Howland is a Republican candidate for State Representative in Kentucky’s 42nd District for the November 2016 election.


Listen to the Negro Please Award below from the Saturday Morning Solutions Show that sparked Howland’s ire: