Urban Scholars Pose 4 Policy Priorities to Help Eliminate America’s Poverty Problem

Erase Poverty


URBAN INSTITUTE REPORT – Poverty is are pressing concern for leaders across the political spectrum and the number of proposals and initiatives to eliminate it is on the rise.

This summer, scholars at the Urban Institute are committed to offering evidence-based ideas for reducing poverty and increasing opportunity for America’s disenfranchised populations.  So far, their contributions have produced these four insights about effective policy that they believe will reduce poverty in America:


1. Policies should reflect the reality and diversity of people’s lives

2. Policymakers should emphasize evidence, evaluation, and outcomes

3. Place matters – invest in comprehensive revitalization strategies that strengthen and sustain community institutions

4. Governments should build strong relationships with other levels of governments, nonprofit service providers, philanthropies, and other partners


According to the Urban Institute, these policy priorities will work best if policymakers move away from “one-size-fits-all” policies and instead address the diversity of people and their needs, create and monitor programs based on evidence of their performance, design policies that reflect the importance of place and strengthen partnerships with others working toward the same goals.

Learn more about the rationale for these four solutions at the Urban Institute.