Video Shows Fatal Confrontation Between Baton Rouge Man, Police Officers

Police Kill Baton Rouge Man

BATON ROUGE – Amateur video footage has surfaced of a violent confrontation between a 37-year old African-American man who was selling CDs in front of a convenience store and two Baton Rouge police officers Tuesday morning.

The altercation resulted in Alton Sterling being shot and killed.

Many are already beginning to question whether deadly force was necessary in subduing Sterling based on the video footage captured by passengers in a nearby car who recorded the altercation.

Watch the video below:

According to the Advocate, witnesses on the scene believe that Alton died unnecessarily because of an over-reaction by the police of his unwillingness to lay on the ground after being tased.

Watch below in an interview with store owner Abdullah Muflahi as he describes what he witnessed.

Watch how local residents are responding to the killing of Alton Sterling in a news report from local television station WBRZ.