Orlando Shooter Spared Victim Because ‘Black People Had Suffered Enough’ [Video]

Orlando Shooting Survivor

ORLANDO, FL -According to a victim in the Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub, gunman Omar Mateen to her that he did not “have a problem with black people” and that he thought they “have suffered enough.”

Patience Carter said she was waiting for a ride home when the shots first rang out at the club. It didn’t immediately register with her what was happening, but she began crawling towards the door and eventually made it outside. That’s when she realized her cousin was missing and went back inside to get her.

Because of the gunfire, she ended up taking cover in the bathroom with a group of people.

“It still wasn’t real to me yet — I was still Snapchatting after we squeezed into the stall,” she said.

Watch this video to learn more about her story.